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Yeah !


Grandma must be careful. Tabloid and cigarette can be a dangerous combination.


She looks like she could be quite funny. Don't know why, just seems so.

Kiss My Mike

Sshhh. I'm reading the editorial.

hi sidney, you know you could start something like, "caption this photo" contest on your blog...


"who says cigarette can cause you disease, reduce your lifespan? screw the studies, look at me!"

of course i'm just kiddin', but i still think that image put up on a large billboard could really boost tobacco sales =)

Gloria Jones

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A wonderful moment of relaxation!


Another fascinating protrayal of the streets of Manilla. Seems such a vibrant city, though a little on the rough side.


nice shot! with a tricyle at the background, a long stick cigar, towel on the shoulder and reading a newspaper, can you ask for anything more? hehehe


great shot! perfect timing and framing!


A beautiful capture


Either her Ciggies are a Philip Morris or a Hope. Much worst, a Rambo!

Multinational tobacco corporations are losing money amongs 1st world countries and here's where they dump 'em. Sad but true.


What's news? ... :o) ... les images au cœur de la vie, j'aime beaucoup :o))


oh!! i'm sorry you're not a filipino :( ..... i just miss philippines speciall tondo, manila ..thats all .... i grow up in that kind of environment


alam mo bang naalala ko ang lugar namin sa tundo sa mga photo na pinost mo :) malapit na fiesta namin kakamiss kahit na ganyan ang lugar :)

J A M  I E

oh no - she should stop smoking. reminds me of my grandparents who continue to smoke in their 80's. icky.



Chris Vallancourt

That paper looks as though it might be a few days old...and been wet at one time.

Otto K.

Wonderful capture that tells a whole story.


great capture. one could tell a lot just by looking at this photo...even the tabloid she's reading, the unlighted stick on her mouth, the way she's drawn to reading the paper, even her clothes. you're right on the dot in this one.

you can actually post this anywhere...and without the caption, right on the dot I will know that this shot was taken in the Philippines. see the towel on her shoulder? it's a cultural text...just like the "tabo" ...hehe.

Rock Kauser

She certainly has an, "I'm tough and I don't take any crap from anybody!" look!


Great shot! Looks like she was taking a smoke break from her patrol duties =)


I bet she has stories to tell! There's a look of mischief in there... Nicely captured.


Very funny; only a question: she is a motorbyker or a patrolwoman?


love this one ...absolutely wonderful sense of presence here :)

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